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Our Guarantee: You'll Get The Most Thorough Pool Cleaning Ever, Or It's Free!

There’s often much more to ensuring a perfect place to swim than a cleaning here or a cleaning there, and Gator Pools offers the approach you need to create and maintain a clean, safe environment, no matter who swims in your pool each day.

Pre Season Opening Services: Each year, commercial and residential customers alike call Gator Pools as they begin to think about getting their pool in shape for the upcoming year. We can not only drain and carefully clean the pool surface, but we’re more than happy to provide swimming pool repair services as well. From painting and equipment repair for your heater, pump, motor, filter, or even pool lights to acid and chlorine washes, VBG compliance checks, and even Southern Nevada Health District Inspections, we’ll be happy to take care of all of the pre season opening tasks for you this year.

Ongoing Maintenance: By enrolling in one of our seasonal maintenance plans, our service specialists will visit your pool on a weekly or monthly basis according to your desired schedule. When we visit, our swimming pool cleaner services are at the forefront of what we can offer. We can skim the surface for debris, inspect and maintain your automatic pool cleaner, empty the filters, vacuum the pool, and take a look at the external equipment for you. We can even test the chemical balance of the pool for you and adjust it as necessary. Emergency cleaning services are also available.

Closing Services: As the end of your swimming season nears, we’ll be happy to stop by place a cover over the pool, and help secure it for your off season, which may prevent any repair issues when you get ready to open the pool again next year.

Residential and Commercial Specialists – Gator Pools has worked with pools just like yours for more than two decades. Swimming pool cleaning is just part of what we have to offer all of our customers. Each of our highly trained technicians works in both residential and commercial settings on a daily basis, so whether you simply want a clean, safe place for your children to swim or you’re looking for the ideal pool for your customers because you manage an HOA pool, a fitness center, or a hotel, we can help. Gator Pools commercial customers don’t have to worry about hiring and supervising staff. Our services allow you to manage your facility with an extra measure of peace of mind.

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Gator Pools offers better performance, highly trained staff members, and the services you need.

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Our Guarantee:

You'll Get The Most Thorough Pool Cleaning Ever, Or
It's Free!

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